Can't get to the field? We will bring our unique online virtual training right into your living room or wherever you can LIVE stream!

Bringing Skill Development To You!

Age & Space Appropriate

All sessions are designed to be age specific and use a small amount of space.

Direct Coaching Support

The LIVE Stream allows our coaches to provide real-time coaching feedback to every participant.

Physical Distancing With Social Interaction

Participants could be from across the country, but our qualified professional coaches will bring everyone who attends together

Players have the ability to ask questions, get individual tips, and have one-on-one instruction.

Virtual Training

Real-Life Fun! 


From Less Than $8 Per Session

"We recommended it to all our friends because of the high level of expectation, the differentiation for different
skill levels, and the person-ability
of the coaches."

Online Survey Reply

"It was fun and has her excited for the upcoming (hopefully) soccer season. The session length was appropriate for the format and the group size was small enough to be effective."

Online Survey Reply

"Our experience was very positive and the coach providing instruction was engaging and fun. Thank you for some welcome activity during an uncertain time!"

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What parents have to say?

Virtual Programs

Interactive fun while learning new soccer moves and social skills from our inspire curriculum.

Sign-up for weekly virtual sessions or camps. Designed to play in a small space with no formal equipment needed. Stream live content from anywhere in the country while our coaches provide fun and engaging activities. Players are assigned additional tasks to extend the learning experience after the session ends. 

A replay of the session will be available following each livestream.

  • 3 day skills academy 
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • 3 x 35 minute zoom sessions
  • Age specific programs
  • Professional coaching
  • Countless moves to master
  • Social values
  • Lots of fun along the way
  • Real-time coach feedback
  • Program assistant for tech support
  • Small groups - Max 40 players  

Virtual Skills Academy

Only $20

  • 5 day skills camp 
  • Monday to Friday
  • 5 x 45-60 minute zoom sessions
  • Age specific programs 
  • Professional coaching
  • Skill development 
  • Social enrichment
  • Theme of the day
  • Real-time coach feedback
  • Program assistant for tech support
  • Small groups - Max 40 players

Virtual Skills Camp

Only $45

Virtual Skills Clinic

Only $8

  • 1 day skills class
  • 35 minute zoom session
  • 4-6 yrs (parent support advised)
  • Advanced player (10-16 yrs)
  • Goalkeeper training
  • Professional coaching
  • Player development
  • Coaching tips
  • Real-time coach feedback
  • Program assistant for tech support
  • Small groups - Max 40 players

For a program tailored to meet your organization or team needs contact your local Regional Director.

Customized Programs

Interactive skill based programs for all ages and abilities in a fun, active and safe environment. All sessions have an age appropriate curriculum to ensure the most ideal learning environment. 

Our coaches work alongside a program assistant who provides technical support to both the players and parents during each session.

Topics include:

• Ball Mastery

• Footwork

• Control

• Dribbling

• Turning

• Inspire Social Values

• Enrichment Theme of the Day

Coaching tips, words of encouragement and personal shout outs are provided during the livestream sessions. 

The chat feature enables players to ask questions at any time either privately or publicly.

All Our Zoom Sessions Include

• 4x4 or 5x5 playing area (backyard, garage, or any room in your house)

• 5 cones or items like rolled up socks, water bottle, etc.
(every day household items can used in fun, imaginative ways)

• A ball, water and a positive attitude!

Virtual Classes will be held on Zoom.
Download for free - no account or profile needed.

Please ensure you have suitable internet connection.
Class access info will be sent via email.

All You Need

"Although there is no replacement for team soccer, these Zoom courses are a wonderful way to keep skills sharp. 

The coaches spent a lot of time developing and refining the practices, and it is really shining through. Thank you for helping the kiddos."

Amy Loftis

West Seattle Soccer Club

"My older daughter says she really liked how you built the skills and made it possible for everyone to be successful as they did each level."

Fawn Coussens


"Thank you for facilitating this clinic. Besides giving our daughter something fun outside of the home to focus on during this time, it taught her some very cool and useful skills that she was able to put to work right away in family scrimmages."

August Aldebot


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